Tippa Canoe Rentals in Broken Bow, Oklahoma

Splash goes the paddle over the Class II rapids as you glide along 4 crystal clear miles of the Broken Bow Mountain Fork River! Feel the fresh breeze in your face and head-to-toe exhilaration at your swift, free movement down this unspoiled waterway. Dive right into the splendid heart of local nature by reserving your kayak or canoe with Tippa Canoe Rentals once you've booked your rental cabin here at Vacation Broken Bow Lake.

As Tippa Canoe Rentals' owner, Daniel Brantley, says, "You're going to get wet and you're going to have fun!"

About The Rental Crafts: Tippa Canoe Rentals stocks popular single seater Jackson Sit-on-Top Kayaks and traditional Old Town Canoes that can seat up to 2 adults and 1 child. Have your own kayak or canoe? You're welcome at Tippa Canoe, too, and can request full shuttle service for you and your craft.

Book Your Time: Tippa Canoe will pick you up from their parking area at the Broken Bow Re-regulations Dam and shuttle your party to the entry point on the Broken Bow Mountain Fork River. You will be booking a 4 hour time slot, at the end of which, you will be picked up and shuttled back to your vehicle. Tippa Canoe is open for business 7 days a week, with float times starting at 9AM and ending at 1:30 PM. Weekends are the busiest times on the river, so if you're looking for a quieter ride, consider booking a weekday canoe or kayak rental. Tippa Canoe offers rentals March-September. In the off season, phone Daniel Brantley to inquire about conditions on the river and craft availability.

About The River: Rapids in Oklahoma? Many guests are pleasantly surprised to discover that our state has its very own exciting whitewater river. You'll find both whitewater and flatwater on the Broken Bow Mountain Fork River. Basic paddling skills are required for the Class II rapids, making this an excellent watercourse for beginners. Expect memorable natural beauty here. Your ride includes views of breathtaking Presbyterian Falls. Bald cypress, pin oaks, white oaks and post oaks lend shade and color to the shore and wildlife ranges from deer, to beaver, squirrels, ducks and a wide variety of fish. Spend your 4 hours paddling, if you like, or stop on the shore for a swim, a picnic or a little fishing.

Dress For Success: Tippa Canoe Rentals recommends that you wear swim trunks and bathing suits because you're almost guaranteed to get a little wet. Wear water shoes that won't slip off - no flip flops. You may wish to bring along your sunscreen, a hat and towels. 

Safety First: For a safe trip, life jackets are provided for all guests and must be worn by all children under the age of 16. Guests must be 6 years of age and up to be included in your rental party. 

You'll Be Glad To Know: Unlike many kayak and canoe rental companies around Broken Bow Lake, Oklahoma, Tippa Canoe Rentals has a designated parking area. You will feel safer parking your vehicle here rather than out on the margins of the highway. Additionally, if you finish your trip before the designated 4 hours is up, Daniel Brantley makes periodic trips down to the pickup station to be sure no guest is left waiting for hours for a shuttle back to his or her car. Not every local rental shop offers this courtesy.

Daniel has lived his whole life on the Broken Bow Mountain Fork River and knows every inch of it. He will be happy to answer any questions you may have. From family reunion parties, to church groups, boy scouts and adventurous honeymoon couples, every guest will find a friendly welcome and thrilling ride on the river.

How To Book Your Rental: Phone Tippa Canoe Rentals at (580) 835-2772. Visit their website at: http://tippacanoe.com/. Tippa Canoe Rentals accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover, but no checks. Booking your rental now ensures that your canoe or kayak will be ready and waiting to make your vacation at Broken Bow Lake action-packed and utterly fantastic!